Surviving a Sleeper Cache …. just!

So I had a spare hour or two again and headed off in my trusty Stratios to see what I could find.  That turned out to be a couple of Sleeper Caches, a Limited and a Standard.  A quick re-ship into my equally trusty Astero and I was clearing the Limited, pulling in about 20mil of ‘stuff’ plus a few blueprints.

I had some time so got back into my Stratios, re-fitted it for tanking duty, and headed over to the Standard site.  Now not having done one of these before I was a little hesitant but completed the first hack and into the main room I went.  I proceeded to hack all I could find and then opened up a rift which took me to the tractor beam.  Another successful hack saw me tractoring in more containers to hack, all the while taking fire from a couple of sentries which I was tanking fine.  Having cleared all the containers the only thing left was a Remote Defence Grid next to the two sentries and a large sleeper structure.  I pootled over and hacked it with no problem and then approached the sleeper structure.

That was the bit I was unprepared for.  As I approached I obviously got close enough to trigger ‘something’.  I saw a brief message about a rift opening up and then saw my shields disappear closely followed by my armour!  My reactions kicked in and I initiated warp in the direction of GTFO.  I entered structure, then half structure, but finally I was in warp and was safe.

As I was warping out I then noticed the gas cloud that had appeared around the structure and fully realised what was going on.  Next time I will be better prepared – another lesson learned 🙂

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