Category: Quick Hits

Mini posts that will be crossposted to the EveFilz tumblr site.


PvP + PvE = ???

There have been a number of posts of late that have surfaced on a number of Eve Blogs that address the age old debate as to whether Eve is a PvP game, A PvP...


Exploration Guide

Came across this really good guide to exploration – – and thought I would share it with you all.


A local delay?

So if you look at any killboard out there then you’ll see that I’m no PvP expert. ¬†These days I’m pretty¬†risk adverse but if you look back far enough you will see that in...


This is Eve

Quite possibly the best Eve video released by CCP to date.  


A Neat Invention Idea

Stumbled across this blog post today – – and thought it was a really neat idea.