Standard Sleeper Cache Walkthrough

As I’ve now run a few of these I thought I would document how I tackle these sites.

I handle these sites using a Stratios fitted with a 1600mm Plate, 2xEANM and a Medium Armor Repairer, all Tech II.  You’ll also need both Data and Relic Analyzers and I also fit a 10MN MWD, Cap Recharger and a Cargo Scanner in the remaining mid slots.  I also bring Sentry drones with me as they can be used to pop sleeper sentries.

Opening the Rift

When you warp to the site you will be confronted with a Hyperfluct Generator that can be hacked to open the rift to the Logistics Depot.  Fail this twice and it self-destructs preventing further progress.

The Logistics Depot

On arrival you’ll be confronted with a room that is essentially split into 3 areas.

The 3 areas of the Standard Sleeper Cache

The 3 areas of the Standard Sleeper Cache – the Gas Clouds had already been triggered by a previous visitor when I arrived at this site.

The first area which is closest to you contains:

  • 3x Coordinate Plotting Device
  • 2x Mangled  Storage Depot
  • Dented Storage Depot
  • Remote Defence Grid
  • Remote Calibration Device – High Power
  • Remote Calibration Device – Low Power

I first hack the Mangled Storage and Dented Storage Depots.  On successfully hacking the storage depot furthest from the warp in point a Remote Alarm will spawn and you have 30 seconds to hack it.  If you manage that successfully then a Pristine Storage Depot will spawn and you are free to hack it.  Failure will result in Guardian Extermination Units spawning and some expanding gas clouds that will inflict serious damage on your ship if you do not vacate the area quickly.

You can hack the Coordinate Plotting Devices and place the resulting Calibration Coordinates that appear in your cargo-hold into either of the Remote Calibration Devices which allow you to warp directly to either the 2nd or 3rd areas accordingly – I generally don’t bother though.  I also leave the Remote Defence Grid and come back to it later for reasons I will explain in a minute.

Immobile Tractor Beam

At this point I head over to the 2nd area which contains the Immobile Tractor Beam.  I slow boat over as, as you approach, a Sentry will spawn and the other Sentries located in the 3rd area will also begin to fire on you.  I use my own sentries to pop the closest sentry, the one that spawns, and then head over to the Tractor Beam and hack it.  A successful hack will see a number of Storage Depots be pulled over from the 3rd area.  You are then free to hack these at your leisure, albeit whilst tanking the incoming fire from the sentries in the 3rd area.

Triggering the Bonus Room

There is a bonus room that can be found by triggering the Guardian Extermination Units and Gas Clouds.  I trigger this by heading back to the first area and failing the Remote Defence Grid Unit hack a couple of times.  You’ll be met with the following message:

Elevated alarm. Guardians will deploy in 30 seconds to clear out area.

At this point I warp out, wait about a minute and then warp back to the site.  On your return the Gas Clouds will have spawned but so to will a Rift next to the Tractor Beam in the 2nd area.  You’re free to head over to that rift and warp through to the bonus room- just be aware of the Gas Clouds and avoid them.

The Immobile Tractor Beam and Rift

The Immobile Tractor Beam and Rift

The Bonus Room

On arrival you’ll be met with a seemingly empty room but if you approach the beacon that is present you’ll trigger a Remote Defense Grid Unit which if you successfully hack will reveal 4 storage depots and a Self Destruct Timer.  You have 3 minutes to complete the hacks before the Depots self-destruct.  Successfully hacking the Self Destruct Timer will extend that time so hack the first 2 depots, then the timer before hacking the remaining two depots.


These sites can provide a very nice return on your time investment.  The one I completed today provided over 170m ISK in loot plus a number of Blueprints (storyline and polarized items).  I’ve read reports of other capsuleers completing Standard Sleeper Caches in an Asteros, but one slip up can easily see you losing your ship so I prefer to use the Stratios and take things carefully.

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