So who am I? In Eve, I’m a grizzled old veteran. Having started my Eve life in March 2004, I’ve now racked up over a decade’s worth of experience of most aspects of the game. I’ve been a missioner, small time trader, bit-part miner, member of a sov holding alliance, corp director and laterly CEO, an inventor and builder, an explorer etc etc etc. Basically, I’ve done a bit of everything, come out the other side and am still hanging on in there.

In reality I’m a middle aged (I’ve hit 40 so I guess that is what I am) father and company director who plays Eve to escape. Escape what I’m not entirely sure but escape is what it is.

Even though I’m not naturally predisposed to writing about myself and what I get up to, I’ve decided that now is the time to have a go at blogging, mainly just because I can. I don’t think you’re going to find any earth shattering truths contained within my scriblings – or whatever the equivalent digital term should be – but I will use it as a means to record some of my activities, to comment on the events of the alternative universe that is Eve and also to comment on the musings of others.

Hopefully someone will enjoy the random writings of a spaceship nerd but if not then I’m sure it will be no great loss 🙂