A Glut of Sleeper Caches

So I found a few hours to log into Eve again and set about probing the home and surrounding systems to see what one could find.  The home system didn’t reveal much but in the neighboring systems I came across a number of signatures that proved much harder than normal to reslove.  That could only mean one thing … Sleeper Caches.  In fact 3 of them, a Superior, a Standard and a Limited.

As I was in an Anethema at the time I headed straight for the Limited and a bit of hacking later was up around 20mil.  Whilst I was hacking the various cans and avoiding the deadly gas, I noticed I had company in system and that Sisters probes had been launched.  I carried on hacking but refreshed d-scan every once and a while to see if I could work out what my companion was up to.  Just as I finished hacking the last can I noticed a pod on scan which shortly disapeared leaving only me and an extra set of Sisters probes in system.

I’d not been in a Standard site before so I warped to the bookmark I had created to take a quick look.  As you can probably now guess the site was no longer there.  My fellow capsuleer had obviously fallen foul of whatever traps that lay in wait for the unwary explorer, paid the penalty and caused the site to despawn.  I’ll just have to wait a little longer to sample the delights of a Standard Sleeper Cache.

By this time I was running short of time and didn’t want to commit to starting the Superior site, especially as this was also new to me.  However, I had uncovered a couple of Sansha’s Command Relay Outposts and as they contain only frigates I decided to quickly run them.  A quick reship and  a few explosions later I was richer to the tune of about 80mil thanks to a Small Armor Repairer drop and I was heading home for the night.

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