Still alive & a change of corp?

So I’ve had a bit of a break from Eve the last few weeks as I’ve bought myself a new PC and I’ve spent far longer than what ought to be necessary faffing about installing the myriad of software that I need on the new PC and then reformatting the old one for my son to use before reformatting it again as something ‘went wrong’ …… long story.

Anyhow, I’m now up and running again with Eve installed and I was able to log in last night for a quick spin around New Eden.  In actuality I only got as far as a couple of systems away from my home but I found a few sites to rummage around in and generally entertain myself, albeit not that profitably, for an hour or so.

Now, I’m mainly doing my exploration on an alt character these days who is in another corp, principally by herself.  Having read a few blog posts that have been extolling the virtues of the Signal Cartel corporation I’ve found myself thinking that I perhaps should think about having my alt join and be among some like minded soles and experience an active corp/alliance chat room again.  This would be quite a step for me as I’ve been essentially a one corp (and offshoots) man throughout my entire New Eden career.  However, if nothing is ventured then nothing is gained and the corp ethos seems to be a pretty good fit and would fit my random play time opportunities.

I guess I should take the plunge, so watch this space.