A new beginning

So further to my previous entry I have taken the plunge and moved my main exploration character into the Signal Cartel corp.

I’ve been in a couple of days now but have not really ‘done’ much yet other than read up on corp policies, get myself access to the various subreddits and download mumble.   Alliance chat is certainly active but I’m feeling very ‘Eve old’, looking at the birth dates of my fellow corp members I appear to have 6-10+ years on the majority of them!  Of course they could all be alts but judging from some of the comments in chat I don’t think that is always the case 🙂  Hopefully, once I’ve got myself settled in and back in the swing of actually talking in a chat channel again I may be able to impart some veteran knowledge their way!

As for my own exploration activities over the past couple of weeks, they have been pretty slow as I’ve found my play time limited.  Highlights include a Sansha Vigil site that netted a True Sansha Warp Scram & a True Sansha Armor Kinetic Hardener (approx 200mil in total) and another Lesser Sleeper Cache that brought in about 10mil of ‘stuff’.

So looking forward, on my list of things to do is pay a visit to Thera to join up with my new found corp mates there and also to try and break out of what is getting to be a Hi Sec explortation rut and spend some time in Wormholes and Null Sec.