A loss and preparations for a new move.

So it finally happened, I lost my Stratios and of course it was down to my own stupidity 🙂

I’d found a Superior Sleeper Cache this time and in I went to try and unlock its riches.  All was going swimmingly as I cleared the first room and warped off to the 2nd room, the Sentry Room.  I neutralised the hostile sentries and was busy hacking all the cans when as I’m sure you’ve guessed I managed to trigger the Plasma Containers at the back of the room and there went my Stratios in a cloud of plasma and smoke 🙁

Still, I have to look on the bright side.  Examining the contents of my hanger I can see that it more than paid for itself as I have well over 5 billion ISK’s worth of loot that I’ve accumulated over the months of flying it.  Time to move on.

And on that note, a few days prior a Wormhole leading to Thera had spawned a few jumps away from my base of operations so I took the opportunity to poke my nose in.  As I was short of time it was only a fleeting visit but after docking at the station where Signal Cartel has an office I was able to install a jump clone and leave a ship behind ready for future adventures.

Otherwise things have been fairly quiet on the exploration front and the loot fairies have not been kind in general.  I keep running across Limited Sleeper Cache’s which have been very poorly stocked and combat sites have been very limited, although I did turn up a Centum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane which was nice.